Wonders (Karamaath) of Sheikh Fassy

As a qutb, sheikhana fassy (Rali.) has exhibited many a karaamat (wonder).. A few are listed below.

i) Saving people from trouble: Hazrat sheikh muhammadh Al fassi (Rali.) once visited a place called Tarapalas and stood alone in meditating Allah louder and louder. When days passed on Lot many ulema, saalihin and all from that city got Ba’it holding the Holy hands of Imam fassy (Rali.) and also involved themselves in zikr majaalis of Imam fassi (Rali.).

There was a vandalist officer in that town, who victimised ladies and girls through forcibly entering into their home. People came and complained to sheikhuna about that vandalist. Hearing this, sheikh fassi (Rali.) too shed tears and said “In the Name of Allah.. This vandalist will never exist among you before this month ends. He will be dismissed or he will die”.

As our sheikh said he was dismissed from the town the very third day. But anyhow with the influence of the higher officials he came back to power again.

The fourth day of his come back he teased at a “syed” (Descendant of Hazrath Rasulullah Sal.) with some filthy languages.

When people said yei! Do you know? He is a descendant of our lovable prophet Hazrat Rasoolullah (Sal.). Hearing this, that Rascal started abusing our prophet.

Shocking to hear this, people created a big hubbub and finally complained it to the emperor and the judges. He was found guilty and his head was sheared.

Allah jal. should relieve all from the anger of Auliya.

Allah jal. says in a Hadith Qudsi “MAN AADANI WALIYAN FA QAD AZANTUHU BIL HARB”

I declared war with those who opposes my desirers (waliyullahs). ii) Giving rebirth to a dead child (or) resurrecting a child:- There was a murid of sheikh mohammed Ajwaadh Al fassi in makka Al mukarrama who was very fond and respecting towards sheikh.

Once that murid invited sheikh fassi (Rali.) and other muridins to his home for a zikr (Hadra) majlis. He made very nice arrangements. A sharif of makkah too took part in that gathering along with his child.

The Hadra started, sheikhuna Imam fassy (Rali.) and all other great scholars of sufism who were muridins of Imam fassi were reciting valifa, yaqutiya.

The child of the sharif of makkah who was playing with other children suddenly languished and fell down swooning. Hearing this, that makkah sharif tottered and screamed “Oh! I’ve lost my son. What will I do ya Allah!”.

Then he took the corpse of his son and streched it before Imam fassi, and entreated with respect.

“Oh! My sheikh! Look at my son with your holy gracious vision. With that my child will resurrect”. Gracious Imam fassi (Rali.) replied “Oh! Shariff, you need not worry about your child. Allah (jal.) will make your child to resurrect”.

Then Imam fassi (Rali.) recited few verses, blowed in a water and made that corpse to bathe. Suddenly that child stood and said “My dad, I am fine now. Alhumdulillah”! After this incidence that shariff from makkah remembered Imam fassi (Rali.) throughout his lifetime and gave respect more and more.