WhatsApp Group Terms and Conditions

Group Rules for Members

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Assalamu Alaikum.

The primary reason for this group should be for sharing knowledge,  news and events of worldwide  about Shadhili tariqa to this group members.

Also those from other tariqas who take a Shaduli Shaikh for barakah or practice their Ahzaab for barakah can join.

Other tariqa members may also join.
Members are requested to not introduce themselves rather say for example I am a member of qadiri tariqa from Chennai and our shaykh is so & so and our website addresss is as follows etc.

Sharing All tariqa information is allowed. But just attend the majlis…  just conduct zikr… etc is not allowed.

No forward messages – this is not junk group to receiving forward messages.

No Salaam –  If anyone post salaam it became wajib to all members to reply. So please avoid.

No Chat – this is not a chatting group to chat with any topics either tariqa related or others.

No JUMMA Mubarak,  Eid Mubarak,  Urs mubarak messages.

No selling or fundraising allowed.

If you have any questions or clarification about any specific  posts,  Please contact him directly instead of replying / posting  in group.

No comments allowed like thank you,  good,  right,  wrong,  subhaanallah,  alhamdulillah,  maashaa ALLAH,  nice,  perfect.. etc or ☺😊💪👌👍.. etc

No personal messages – This is international group.  Most of the members are unknown person.

If anyone ask / requesting something by post,  like where is shadhili Zaviya in Chennai or send videos.. etc you can reply them directly by Private Message.

If you have any questions kindly message to our admin.

Language – either English or arabic no other languages are permitted because we having people’s world wide.

No rights to change group name and  group icon.

Those who are not interested in Tariqa activities and not ready to accept our group rules  are free to leave.

If we found any thableeg /Dewbandhi aqeeda members we will remove… because it is not the right group for them.

Request to follow our rules strictly, if not we will remove without any notice.

those posting irrelevant posts to Shazuli.com group will be removed without notice.
Subjects such as politics, advertisements, aqidah, fiqh, Hadith and tafsir discussion unrelated to tariqa are unacceptable. We are not a group of specialist in the science of Hadith, Tafsir or Aqida.
Only tariqa and tasawwuf related topics allowed. JazakAllah.