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Thareeqush Shukr
Founder's Birth
Various Preceptors of Imam Shazuli
Talking with Allah
Preceptor of Siddiqeens
Shariath - bridle for foretelling
Discovery of Coffee
Zikr Jahri
Revealing the self of Izzudheen bin AbdusSalam
Lailathul Qadhr
Shortening the earthen way for Maali(Rah...)
Dua for the sake of Jandhoobi(Rah...)
Heriditary grandson of Prophet (P.B.U.H.)
Message from Hazrath Muhidheen Sheikh (Razi...)
Foot on the foreheads of valiyullahs
Sijl-Pardon from hell
Foretelling his own death
Final Hajj
Last advice - everlasting Karamath
Messages to Muridheens
Prostitute Entering Paradise
Fassy - The II Shazuli
Birth Of Sheikh Fassy
Education Of Imam Fassy
Order From Prophet (P.B.U.H.)
Dharoodh to be recited Prophet(P.B.U.H.)'s wish
Prophet (P.B.U.H.) always in vision
Wonders (Karamaath) of Sheikh Fassy
Aa'maals in Fassiyathush Shazuliya
Daily wirdh in our Tariqa
Zikr - An easy Procedure
Our Zikr having its base on Qur'aan & Hadith
An appeal from Hazrath Sheikh Fassy (Rah...)
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Visitors Feedback :-

We received thousands of comments and feedback from site visitors... Here are few for your vision.
Assalamu alaykom. Imam shadhili has said "If you find anything contrary to Qur'aan and sunna in my tariqa, you need not follow my tariqa". This is the reason why I am following shadhili tariqa.
Aboo Bakar Yacoob Atchia (Mauritius)
Asalamu alaykum, Thank you for the chance to learn about this spiritual tareeqah.
Ali Hassan (England)
Very nice site.i am a mureed of the shadhili tariqa.
Sima Kandil (Australia)
salam 'alaykum I am of shazuliyya circle in my country-gratefull to find this site.
Sigit Supartono (Indonesia)
Assalamu Alaykum Plese accept me as a member of this site. I would love to know more of Hazrat Shaykh Shazuli.
Yakoob (South Africa)
Asalaamou alaikoum my respected brother, I would be very grateful to you if you could please register me for using the site. Thank you very much .
Muhammad Nasroullah Isseljee (United Kingdom)
Salam Alaikum, I am interested in acquiring knowledge about the sufi orders. thanking you
Khaled Fakhreldin (Egypt)
I was initiated when I was 20 into a Shazili order but have lost contact with my order here , trying to re link with my Silsila.
Suriyakhatun Osman (Malaysia)
I am mureed of Shazuliya thariqa, I follow this tariqa from past 15 years. plese accept my login
Shahul Hameed (Qatar)
asalamu alaikum warahamtullahi wabarakatuh, inshaAllah you are in the best of health and strong eman. i am wishing to learn more about this taraqa, inshaAllah. i live in a city with no sufi activity but a very strong salafi presence, sadly. aoozoo billahi. inshaalah i wish to learn more about this taraqa and have access to your site to do so. asalamu alaikum
Khadijah Chmilovska (Canada)
As-salaam alaiykum, MashAllah very interesting site ..very benificial
Seema Sayany (Canada)
Dear brother in Islam A. Alaikum i am a mureedh of Sheikh Ajwadh Al fassy. Please approve my request for downloading hizbs.
Ahmed Isfahan (Sri Lanka)
Assa lamu Alayku I am a murid of Sayyid Hazem Abu Ghazala and would like to learn more of our Tariqah Insha-Allah Shukran Was salamu alykum wa rahma tulla
Muhammad Abdul Latif (South Africa)
Salaam I would like to study tassawuf a be a good murid maybe ou can assist me Shukran
Nasih Lateef (South Africa)
Assa Lamu Alaykum wa Rahma tullaahi wa bara katuhu My name is Muhammad Nasih and I took bay'ah from Sayyidi Hazem Abu Ghazala and I would like to learn more about our tariqah also of the past masters of our tariqah. I would appreciate it very much if the brothers could forward me some sites where I can obtain some information and also where I can download different adhkaar as well as hadras min fadlik. Shukran for your assistence Was salamu alaykum
Moegamat Latief (South Africa)
Assalamu'alaikum-warahmatullahi-wabarakatuhu, I am ikwan of fassiyathush Shazuliya tariqa living U.K I would like register and recieve your newsletter and other information about the Tariqa
Saleem (England)
Assalamu `alaukum I am a murid of Sidi Hazem of Jordan and would like to learn more of our Tariqah Shukran
AbdulLatif (South Africa)
Assalamualaikum........ I am a member of Malaysia's Thareequa Shazuliya. We are very happy to have found your website. We do not have our own website since we do not have the knowledge or funds to get one. However with doa and help from Allah, we could also have one of our own too. Thank you Wassallam......
Haji Noor Azhar Bin Jaafar (Malaysia)
Please register me. I belong to the Darqawi order of the Shadhiliyya tareeqa
Muhammad Bashir (England)
i like to know abt shiek shaduli(qsa) and shieks of shaduli thareeqats
Suhail (India)
salam alaikum I have interest in sufi path. i want to know more about shadhili Tariqa.
Bayu Priyambodo (Indonesia)
Assalamu Aleykum, Please Register me in your website in order i could download very very useful hizbs and information about this great TARIQA MASH'ALLAH. I am a murid of the NAQSHIBANDI TARIQA in MOMBASA, KENYA. SHUKRAN JAZEELAN
Salam Alaykum I'm a french Alawi faqir, and I think your site will be interressant for me... Wa Salam Alaykum
Petit Romain (France)
I am very interested in every tariqa and I would like to participate to this groupe to increase my knowledge of tassawwuf.
Aly Sall (France)
assalamu alikum pls let me to be a member of this group as im am a member of the holy mosq of Ummu Zayava in Colombo witch is the HQ of the tareqa in sir lanka
Syed Mohamed Minan Mahroof ash shazulee (Sri Lanka)
As-salaamu 'alaykum. Please allow me to access your Downloads section. Jazaka `Llah khayr.
Seth Laffey (USA)
Salam alaikoum ,i just dicovered your webpage ; I belong to the shadhiliya from Marrocco .I am happyly surprise to see that there are also some shadhiliya in India .Masha'Allah . salam alaikoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
Matthoeu (Germany)
assalamu alaikum i am shazuliya thareeqah ihvaan my nationality is sri lanka. now i study in uk. thank you for your development. jazakallah
Mohamed Musthak (UK)
Assalamu alaikum, I would very much like to download some of the hizbs of our Shaykh, Abu'l-Hasan ash-Shadhili (may Allah ta'ala be well-pleased with him!)
Isa Iskandar (USA)
Salam Alaykum Wa Rahmatoullah Wa Barakatouh.I'm a french Shadhili Darqawi Alawi Faqir affiliate has sheikh Mouloud Boudai of the zawiya of Algiers. find your site really interressant and I would like inch' Allah to have access to download if it is possible. There esperant that seen will give a favorable suite has my requete, that Allah grants you the best... Amin Aridha wa Ridwan Wa Salam Alaykum Wa Rahmatoullah Wa Barakatouh
Abdul Muhsin (France)
Very nice galleiry . I got all information about the Holiness Imam Shadhili and his way. I search about the discovery of Coffee. At that time i found your site. you know in Algeria coffee is called shadhiliyye.
John Foxworthy (Algeria)
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