Various Preceptors of Imam Shazuli (Razi…)

Imam Shazuli got his spiritual vow from Ash Sheikh Moulana AbdusSalam bin Mishsheesh Shaheed (Razi…).

Sheikh ibn Mishsheesh (Razi…) was the formulator of the DharoodhAs Salawath n Nariyya Assalawathu Thafrigiyya“. This is recited all over the world till today, which caters to the good needs of people.

Once, when Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was asked about his teachers Imam replied “Sheikh AbdusSalam ibn Mishsheesh (Razi…) is my Preceptor in this world and am also gaining knowledge from ten other preceptors five are from the heaven and other five are from this world”. They are:

  1. Hazrath Jibrayeel (Alai…).
  2. Hazrath Meekaaeel (Alai…).
  3. Hazrath Israfeel (Alai…).
  4. Hazrath Izraaeel (Alai…).
  5. And Rooh.From this world are:
  1. Hazrath Musthafa Rasoolullah (Sal…).
  2. Hazrath Abubakkar (Razi…).
  3. Hazrath Umar (Razi…).
  4. Hazrath Usman (Razi…).
  5. Hazrath Ali (Kar…).
Hazrath Shazuli Imam who gained all sorts of knowledge from the above ten preceptors was asked about his knowledge, Imam replied “If the mankind and Jin community write about my familiarity, prosperity and inner knowledge, they wouldn’t complete it till the day of judgement”.