SIJL- Pardon from Hell

Allah said “Oh! Ali (Shadhili) whoever met you with true affection and respect will never turn into misfortunes. If i wish i may carry through this till Qiyamah (The day of judgement).”

Then Allah handed over a big listing roll called Sijl.

Hadrat Shadhili narrates,

“In that roll (sijl) the names of my followers, my followers’ followers, and their followers like wise the names of all brethren members of Thareequa Shadhiliya who are to come till qiyama were found. And also it was written, all were pardoned and relieved from hell (An-Naar).”

Alhamdulillah. People should realise the fruit which they could bear by following Tariqa Shadhiliya. THOSE WHO WISH TO GET BAI’ATH(VOW) IN THIS TARIQA MAY CONTACT: