Shortening the earthen way for Maali (Razi…)

Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was staying at a place “Dhaman Hoor” for certain period, which is 112 kms away from Alexandria.

One day after Asar Hazrath Shazuli (Razi…) called his Khaadhim Maali (Razi…), gave him a letter and asked him to hand it over to Fakeeh FAKRUDEEN bin Al Faayizi who is in Alexandria and asked him to get his reply.

Maali (Razi…) was hesitating to go because it was late but Sheikh Shazuliyya Imam (Razi…) forced him to go. So there was no other option for him but to travel. He went home took sword and went on travel.

Surprisingly he was very fast and he reached Alexandria which is 112kms at a short time. He felt that it would be the Karaamath of Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) and he thanked Allah, His Rasool and Sheikh. Gave the letter to Fakeeh Fakhrudheen got his reply and started to Daman Hoor. But his way was not good and he heard a cyclonic noice and the noice of galloping of horses.

Maali thought that Robbers are on and he took his sword and turned back but could find no body there. Those noices stopped and immediately he reached Daman Hoor. At that time the sky was yellowish orange and it was the time of sunset.

Eagerly expecting Maali (Razi…) Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) after receiving Fakeeh Fakrudeen’s reply asked Maali, “How many Persons did you kill with your sword”. Smilingly asked Shazuli (Razi…).

Oh! That was not the noice of robbers! Instead that was of the wings of 80,000 malayikaths (Angel like celestial beings) which I got permitted from my Rab Allah (Jal…) for your safety as you obeyed my words. They shortened your way by rolling this Earth smilingly said Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) Subhaanallah! What to say about the glory of Imam towards Allah (Jal…)!