Shariath – bridle for foretelling

instance about Sheikh Shamsudheen Hanafi (Razi…)

“If the bridle called Shariath is not locked upon my mouth, I would tell you all, what is to happen till the day of Qiyamah” said the ocean of knowledge Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…). But to prove this his statement He foretold an incident to his followers one of that is about the birth of Sheikh Shamsudheen Hanafi (Razi…).

Talking to a big gathering at the Cairo city, Imam Shazuli (Razi…) lectured “Oh my people! Listen carefully to what I am conveying today. Exactly 100 years after me, a male child will originate at Egypt. He will be Reddish white in colour. There will be a mole at his right cheek which will beautify him. He will lose his parents at his early stage and his name is “Muhammadh” He will be called as “Shamsudheen”, He will be a follower of Hanafi School. He will rejuvenate “Zaviya” my madarasa. This tariqa will be spread all over the world during his tenure as 5th Khaleefa of mine. His praise & familiarity will grow high”.

As Imam Shazuli (Razi…) fore said, everything happened. People were wondered and they felt proud about this incident, feeling Shazuli Imam (Razi…) as the real panacea of ever.