Revealing the self of Sheikh Izzudeen Bin AbdusSalam (Razi…)

Wherever Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) goes, he was doing (Zikr Jahri) open meditation.

Izzudheen bin AbdusSalam was a VIP of the Cairo city. He had mastered the Religious law (Fikh) and he was the Chief Khazi of Cairo City who issues religious verdict on people, and also he was very much respected by the people of Cairo. He doesn’t know about Imam Shazuli (Razi…) and Shazuliyya tariqa.

“One day Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) after praying his subuh at “Zaaviyah” surrounded by his followers walked on the streets doing Zikr very loudly. He happened to cross a street were the Madarasa of Hazrath Izzudheen was located with the same loudness of Zikr.

Kazi Izzudheen was discontented hearing the zikr of Imam Shazuli (Razi…) and he expressed it to his students at his madarasa. “My madarasa proceedings like Qur’aan, Hadith & Fiqh elucidation has been damaged and got spoilt because of this new person” said Kazi Izzudeen Bin AbdusSalam.

“There is a right place, a procedure and certain rules to be followed while doing Zikr. If it is done like this on streets and roads, it’s dignity loses and there is no use of doing such a Zikr” added Kazi Hazrath Izzuddeen, and all his students considered it.

Hazrath Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) who had crossed the Madarasa entered with all his followers Sulthanul Ulama, Fakeeh, Quaziyul Qullath, Sheikh Izzudheen Bin AbdusSalam (Razi…) and all his students were stunned about Sheikhs arrival.

Sheikh Shazuli said to Fakeeh Izzudeen that he came to clear his doubt regarding a Religious law. Ghousul Akbar Sheikh Shazuli Imam said “A person having spent his full night with his wife and after having intercourse with her forgets his mandatory bath and presides a big Jamaath at the mosque. He also comes to madarasa (School) he reads and elucidates Qur’aan, Hadith and Fiqh. But all this he does unintentionally due to forgetfulness. What Islam says about him” asked Sheikh Shazuli (Razi…).

Fakeeh Izzudheen was shocked to listen this as Sheikh indirectly was asking about him. Kazi Izzudheen realized his mistake and asked. “Only myself and my wife knew about that and Allah (Jal…) who is aware of everything would declare to his Nabi’s through Wahi. But how come the Sheikh know about this”. How magnificent is this Sheikh! Lamented Hazrath Izzudeen for his misdeed, asked apologies to Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) and shifted his beliefs as a follower of Imam Shazuli (Razi…).