Prostitute Entering Paradise

A marvelous incident held at Alexandria. The Kazi of Alexandria Mufti Imaduddin narrates:

” In Alexandria, there lived a declared and well known prostitute. later she died. One night I dreamt her. She was in a very high position living leisurely in the heaven. Amazing to see her in such a nice position, I asked her, the life you lead in the world is in no way eligible for you to get such a destiny. Then, How could this happened? She replied. “One of the most beloved person of Allah (Jal…), Sheikh Noorudeen Abul Hasan Ali Ash Shadhili (Rali…) United with Allah on the 12th night of shawwal and me too died on the same night. For the sake of the greatness, glory and honour of that Sheikh, Allah (Jal…) who is Rahman & Raheem forgived all my sins and gifted me with jannah. Not alone me, all the male & female muslims who died on that night all over the world, irrespective of their deeds and misdeeds were forgiven and allowed to enter heaven. Followers of that sheikh are really fortunate. Because, if sinners like myself are forgiven, the followers of that sheikh will surely attain Jannat Al Firdous”.

Shocked to have such a dream Kazi Imaduddin said “promising by Name of Allah (jal…) surely this is a big pride with which Allah (Jal…) and His Habeeb Hazrat Muhammadhur Rasulullah (Sal…) gifted Imam Shazuli (Rali…). No one got and could get such a great pride.

Subhanallah! What to say about our Sheikh’s greatness.!!!