Preceptor of Siddiqeens

Allah (Jal…) ordered Imam Shazuli (Razi…) to go to Cairo to train up some 40 Siddiqeens spiritually. Imam too went and gave those Siddiqeens who are next to Nabis good advices. “An amallahu alaihim minan Nabiyeena Was Siddiqeena wash Shuhadhayi was Sualiheen“. “Who ever follows Allah and his Prophet, will be with those like Nabis (Messengers), Siddiqeens, Shuhadhaas and Sualiheens“. Upon him Allah’s mercy is blessed, on the day of judgement.

In this order it is found that Siddiqeens are prior to Shuhadhaas (Martyrs who were killed for the sake of Islam) from the above verse.

Imam Shazuli (Razi…) had been a teacher to that kind of Siddiqeens! Subhaanallah!