Messages to the Followers (Murideens)

Shadhiliya Tariqa honours it’s brethren Murids with following words.

  1. One who truly follows Imam shadhili (Rali…), will die fortunately. He never becomes unfortunate.
  2. The followers of Shazuliya Thareequa are selected from Lauh-Al-Mahfuz.
  3. Tortoises hatch and cares upon it’s younger ones with it’s vision. Similarly we provide with everything to our followers through our vision.
  4. Our followers in this Tariqa till the last day are pardoned from (the flames of) hell through SIJL.
  5. Even if our follower (Murid) becomes (Majtoob) Crazy of Allah, he will turn back again to the clarity.
  6. Allah’s promise, that “Till the last day, Qutubs will originate only from Tariqa Shadhiliya“.