Message from Hadrat ghousul A’alam Muhaiideen sheikh (Rali.)

Mahboobe Subhani Hazrat Abdul Qadir Gilani (Rali…) got an order from God that is “After your demisal from this world, a waliyullah called Abul Hasan Ali Ash Shadhili will originate from maghribdhiyar. He will attain an unachievable position (maqaam) of a Ghouse, so go there and inform this”.Accepting this order from Allah (jal…) Hazrat Ghousul A’alam Abdul Qadir Gilani (Rali…) left his country and after a very long journey reached Africa.

Abdul Qadir Gilani searched a lot there and at last found Sheikh Mashish who was from Rasulullah (sal…)’s heridity. He Briefed him the incident and asked to bring his son whom he wants to call on. Sheikh Mashish had 10 sons and brought all them before Hazrat Ghousul A’alam. But the child whom he wants to meet was not among those 10 children. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani asked some other child he had if any? Sheikh Mashish brought a boy of about a year and introduced his name to be Abdussalam. Hazrat Ghousul A’alam muhaideen Abdul Qadar Gilani greeted that child and said only to see this child I had travelled such a long distance. This child will turn as an accomplished sheikh.

Sheikh of the Sheikhs, Qutb of the Qutbs, Ghouse of the Ghouses an unrivalled Waliyullah like me Abul Hasan Ali Ash Shadhili (Rali…) will vow to this child. I am declaring this now. I am presenting this Greedom as hadiya unto Sheikh Shadhili, convey this from me. Saying Hazrat Mahboobe Subhani gave his greedom on the hands of that child Sheikh AbdusSalam Ibn Mashish and returned back.