Last Advice-Everlasting Karaamat

When Sheikh Shadhili Imam and his followers (Muridins) were staying at Humaisara on the way to their Hajj, Imam’s fever was high. So, Imam called maali (Rali…) who was in personal and humble service of Imam Shadhili (Rali…) all the way and asked him to congregate all followers who were there. As it was the Time of Prayer, everyone gathered at once. Qutbul Akbar, Ghousul Ash’har Hazrat Sheikh Shadhili Imam (Rali…) gave his Last Advice (Wasiyya) in general to that congregation.

In particular Sheikh Shadhili Imam (Rali…) insisted about Hizbul Bahr, It’s magnificence and powers.
“This (Hizbul Bahr) is equivalent to the ship of Hazrat Noohu (Alai…) those who boarded it, were redeemed. Like wise those who recites Hizbul Bahr will be redeemed and liberated in both their lives of this world and next (Aaqira). This consists Ismul A’alam. Recite this daily. Make your kids, kith and kin to memorise and ensure their recital every day. Generations after generation do this as a tradition. This will fetch you goodness, prosperity and excellence”. Uttered Imam Shadhili (Rali…).

Then, Imam personally called Abul Abbas Al Mursi and gave him some advices. Also He taught him whatever He wants him to be taught and appointed Sheikh Abul Abbas Al Mursi as his first representative (Khalifa). Also Sheikh introduced Hazrat Mursi to the gathering of followers there and told them,

“Oh! My most lovable disciples and followers, mursi will lead you all from the very second of my demisal. As everything happens how Allah (Jal…) wishes, I’ve appointed him as my representative. After my passing away, Allah (Jal…) is to give him (mursi) a very dignitary position. The principles he shows you will be a doorway to reach the Almighty”.

By the prosperity of sheikh’s duaa, Abul Abbas lead them all, turned into a glorified Qutb and his followers reached the doorway of Allah.

Then Imam Shazuli (Rali…) presided magrib there and then called His son Sheikh Muhammad (alias) Sheikh Sharfuddin, and asked him to bring water from that well of Humaisara.

Sheikh Sharfuddin with obedience looked at his father Sheikh Shadhili Imam (Rali…) and told “oh! My Sheikh and my respected father, water from that well is too bitter to drink and some soft and pure water is available with us.”

Hearing this Sheikh Shadhili Imam uttered “oh! The chilness of my eyes! The piece of my heart. As you think, I am not asking that bitter water to drink. My intention is different. Kindly bring that.”

Obliging the words of the Respected father, Sheikh Sharfuddin went to that well and brought some water in a vessel. Sheikh Shadhili Imam took some water, gargled in his mouth and spitted in that same vessel and ordered His son Sheikh Sharfuddin (Rali…) to put it back in that well and Sheikh Sharfuddin followed Imam’s instructions. SUBHANALLAH! This incident stood an everlasting wonder (Karamat). Yes! Substantiating the greatness and glory of Imam Shadhili, bitter water in that well turned as sweet as honey for people to drink.

Till today, the taste of that water and it’s level in that well at Humaisara has never changed. Lakhs and Lakhs of people who come over there for Ziyarat carry over liters of water from that well to their countries.