Lailathul Qadhr

Hazrath Abul Abbas Ahamadh Al Mursi first (Khalifa) representative of Imam Shazuli (Razi…) narrates:

“We were traveling in the month of Ramzan and on 26th day we reached a place called “Khairawan”. We both decided to spent that 27th night there itself. After completing Isha & Tharaweeh others who came to pray, left to their respective residents.

Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) stood there to pray Thahajjadh. I saw a big & Bright ray of light shining with brilliance from the top of my Sheikh which was touching the sky. Also I could see some white birds circling that halo and flying off. Later some other came and did the same. This was happening continuously till Sahar. After our Sahar & Subuh we both continued our journey. On the way my Sheikh asked “Oh! Mursi, did you see any wonder last night”? I said “Oh! Yes my Sheikh”. What to say about the wonder which I saw yesterday. Really it was eye breaking. It lasted from the moment you started your Thahajjadh till Sahar. Really it was wonderful my Sheikh.

Hearing this, my Sheikh said “Oh Mursi! Last night was not an ordinary night it was Lailathul Qadr (Respectable Night). Yah! That was the night distinctive than 1000 months. The big white birds which you saw circling above me are the souls of Ghouses, Quthubs, Soofis, Waliyullas, who came to visit (Mulaqath) me. Oh my people! No doubt! Accept this! 27th of Ramzan is surely the Lailath Al Qadhr said Shazuli Imam.