Qutbul Akbar Shazuli Imam gathered all his followers and said, “Humaisara is the place where my qabr is to be found. Humaisara is a pure and taintless piece of desert where a small hill and some dates tree are found. Also there is a well, with less water source that too very bitter. I was informed this by Allah (jal…) and I Asked, oh! My creator, my followers are huge in number. This bitter water from this well is very meagre and insufficient to them all. who will come to ziyarat untill the last day.”

Allah replied “Ali! You need not get distressed about anything. Humaisara well will be flowing throught and will never dry, catering to the needs of the people who come there. Its bitterness too will go off and it will be as much as sweeter than other. All this thing will happen with your courtesy.”