Hizbs-Valuable Gift from Imam Shadhili

Shazuli Imam (Rali…) rendered some 18 lofty Hizbs for the sake of his disciples and followers who are to follow his thareequa, “shazuliya” till Qiyamah. No other Quthb (or) Ghouse has did so.
The name of these follows.

  1. Hizbul Bahr
  2. Hizbun Nasr
  3. Hizbul Barru
  4. Hizbul Kabeer
  5. Hizbul Anwar
  6. Hizbun Noor
  7. Hizbul Luthf
  8. Hizbul Ikhfaa
  9. Hizbut Tamsu
  10. Hizbul Hafeeza
  11. Hizbul Kifaayaa
  12. Hizbush Shikwaa
  13. Hizbul Falaah
  14. Hizbul Makhfee
  15. Hizbul Khaira
  16. Hizbut Tawassal
  17. Hizbul Aaayaath
  18. Hizbush Shadhili

“HIZBUL BAHR” is the most important Hizb among these. Reciting these Hizbs regularly, No doubt, will yield a fruitful life in this world and the next.

[Easily downloadable and printable copy of Hizbs in .pdf format has been uploaded in our “DOWNLOADS” section and the methedology (as taught by our sheikhs) to recite these Hizbs has been given therein.]