Gift and Order From Prophet (P.B.U.H.)

Sheikh fassy Narrated “Once when I was in the Roula Sharif of Hazrat Rasoolullah (Sal.). Suddenly I saw Hazrat Rasoolullah (Sal.) welcoming me holding my hands with his Holy mubarak hands, made mulaaqaat, with His Holy mubarak hands gave a touch on my face and chest and uttered ” WA AMMA BI NI’AMATI RABBIKA FA HADDHITH”. Which means “So Declare the gifts of your Lord”. Ash sheikh Yusuf An Nabahani Narrates in his book entitled “Karamatul Auliya”.

Once sheikh fassi (Rali.) visited Egypt. All ulema and students encircled Him to get Prosperity. I was one among them we got a very valuable chance of kissing His Hand to be prosperous. I got Now from sheikh fassi (Rali.) in 1284 Hijri.

Sheikh fassi (Rali.) declared about an incident in that majlis and we were harrilated to hear that. Sheikh fassi (Rali.) uttered that while He was in (Sal.)’s Rowla shariff at madhina Al munavvara, He had seen the Queen of heaven Seyyidha Fathima Zehra (Rali.) very obviously and without a face veil since sheikh was an Aulad (Hereditary Grandson) of Beebi Fathima Zehra(Rali.). This makes us to learn the dignity and glory of Imam fassy (Rali.)”.