Foot on the Forehead of Waliyullahs

Once when almost all Waliyullahs were gathered at a place a voice heard from Allah’s side which said “oh Ali!…say, Your Foot is on the Forehead of all“. Obliging it, Sheikh Shadhilii Imam (Rali…) repeated the same. Agreeing with it, all the Waliyullahs and many distinguished Islamic personnel who were present there bowed their head with respect. Those who were present there on that day, considered themselves to be fortunate enough, for Shazuli Imam’s foot being placed on their forehead.

“No Qutb (or) Ghouse but Sheikh Shadhili Imam (Rali…) was raised to such a great, glorious, honourary and excellent position by Allah. And nobody is going to be raised”. Narrated Hadrath Aboo saeedhil khailawi a Waliyullah about that incident.