Final Hajj

Incident at Humaisara predicted

When Shazuli Imam (Rali…) wished to perform His Hajj, He said This year, my Hajj will be a compensatory one (ie., Hajj-e-badal). None understood these words of imam. Usually when Shadhili imam (Rali…) prepares to go for Hajj, He never takes his family and followers along. But at this final Hajj Sheikh, unusually asked all his family members and followers to be prepared for Hajj and they too were about to start.

Third son of Gausul Ash’har Imam Shadhilii (Rali…), Hazrat Sheikh Sharfuddin (Rali…) narrates that incident.

A middle aged youth from Alexandria sought to perform Hajj with our father Sheikh Shadhili Imam. He had his old mother with him and his father was no more. He was longing to go with sheikh but his mother wants him to be with her. So, that youth brought his mother to the multitude of my father Imam Shazuli. That old mother uttered.”oh my sheikh! To fulfill the wish of my son I am consenting to send my son along with you to perform Hajj. Kindly Take care of him.”
Sheikh replied, “oh sister in Islam, I’ll take care of your son untill we reach Humaisara

We all started and during our travel we were to cross a deserted way. While we were travelling there, my father Imam Shadhili, and that youth who accompanied as both got fever. As per my father’s words we rushed so as to reach Humaithara as early as possible. Shortly before reaching Humaisara, that youth from Alexandria, was critical and as in his fate (Taqdir) he passed away there. We wished to bury him there. But my father ordered us to carry the coffin along with us to Humaisara, and we did so. No sooner did we reach humaisara, than we gave bath to that youth’s corpse and my father Imam Shadhili (Rali…) presided his rituals, janaza prayer and that youths burial in Humaisara. That youth got a great wisdom by having his grave at humaisara an untainted soil.

Above all, that youth got a great fortune, to stay with Imam Shadhili (Rali…) untill qiyamah and to rise along with Imam Shazuli (Rali…).

True Sheikh Hazrat Imam Shadhili kept the words, which he promised to that youth’s mother, to take care of her son till Humaisara also kept with him untill the last day.