Fassy – The II Shazuli

As per the utterance of Imam shadhili (Rali…), a number of sheikhs, khalifas and murideens entered this tariqa (order) shadhiliya. Among them Hazrat Qutbul ujud seyyidina mohammad al fassy ash shadhili (Rah…) the 21st khalifa (representative) of Imam Shadhili (Rali…) was very much well known in the world of tasawwuf. For his Ilm, Qytbaniyyat, Karamaats and for his flourishing of shazuliya thareequa sheikh fassy (Rah…) was called as The second shazuli.

Through Hadrat Fassy (Rah…) (called as second shadhili) this tariqa was taken to many a part of the world where even the smell of Islam couldn’t be found.

As Allama saajid (Eldest son of Hazrat Meer Ahmed Ibrahim (Rah…)) says in his poem;

“ Kaun Dhekhey?, Yaa sunethey,?
Aise Kufrastaan mey……
Zikr ka Halqa chalegaa
Az nawaale shazili……”

“Oh! Have any one saw (or) Heard about the voice of zikr (Halqa) in this tainted land of kufr? This has come true because of shadhili.”

Yes! No doubt in the words of Allama saajid… This is possible only because of Shadhili Imam (Rali…) and Sheikh Fassy (Rah…) and their Tariqa (order) Fassiyatush Shadhiliya……