Allah (Jal…) gave the honour of parenting Imam Shadhili, to a Hasani descendant of our beloved prophet Rasul (Sal…), Hadrath Sheikh Abdullah (Rali…) and Sheikh’s mother was seiyyidina Ummu Habiba @ Sadiqul Janna. After His early life sheikh entered in matrimonial life following the sunna of Hadrath Rasulullah (Sal…) with Bibi Fathima, who belonged to a religious and God fearing family in Alexandria. Sheikh brought up all his five children (three sons and two daughters) as great waliyullahs and dedicated them to Islam. Elder son was Hadrath Sayyad Ali (Rali…). Second son was Hadrath Abul Abbas Seyyadh Shihaabudeen (Rali…). Younger one was Hadrath Seyyadh Sharfuddin (Rali…). Elder daughter was Seyyidha Ruqaiya beebi who was given in marriage with Ali (Rali…) from Damanhoor. Younger daughter was seyyidha Irifatul Khair (alias) Wajeeha who was well versed in Qur’aan and Hadith. She used to give lectures to all ladies and she stood as their leader of all time.

Thus all children of Sheikh Shadhili Imam (Rali…) were glittering as Stars of Islam.