Education Of Sheikh Fassy

Though His father stayed in egypt sheikh fasy travelled to makkah to memorise Quraan with its Tajwidh (Procedural Pronounciation) from some great learned scholars sheikh fassy learned all kinds of knowledge. Everyone there were surprised of His inclination towards knowledge and His memorising power. He started from there in search of a teacher who will unite him with Allah (Jal.) Sheikh fasi spent all his night in prayers and all his days in fasting. He used to recite full Qur’aan daily. Sheikh fassy recited Dalailul Khairat (A book with salawats of our prophet) 21 times a day. Right from His childhood days Sheikh fassy had an habit of going to ziyarat (meeting) of waliyullahs both alive and dead.

Great scholars such as Shariff Ahmad Al faiwan, Hasan Al Akrau majzoob wished sheikh faassy and told ” Oh! Fassy, you will turn as a great desirable by god (waliyullah) and a Qutb”.

Allah (jal.) presented sheikh fassy with a great preceptor, the king of sufis, Leader of Aarifeens, ustadul kabir, a sheikh who had Ismul A’alam within him, by name Muhammad bin Hamza Lafir Al madani.

Sheikh faassi entered Shadhiliya sufi path in his age of 25 ie., in Hijri 1242 through his sheikh.

Qutbul ujud Hazrat faasi spent His full 18 years in the service of his sheikh hazrat muhammadh bin Hamza Lafir Al madani and learned Ismul Aalam from ustadul Kabeer, who directed him to hold strictly in day and night, in solitudity and in multitude.

Ustadul Akbar Sheikh mohammadh bin hamza lafir Al madhani also added “All waliyullahs, turned the same only through this Ismul Aalam”.

At the age of 40 sheikh fassy (Rali.) was given khilafat from His sheikh who also permitted sheikh faassy to invite people towards Allah (Jal.).

Obliging his sheikh’s order, Qutbul ujood travelled to various countries and made this tareeqa reach people.

Once it was asked to Qutb fassi (Rali.) that “can an Aarifubillah unite with prophet (Sal.)”? Sheikhuna said “Yes! An Aarifubillah is one, who would be present in the gathering of Hadrat Rasoolullah(Sal.)., would talk with Hazrat (Sal.) in vision, would gain wisdom and secrets from Hazrath (Sal.)”.