Duaa for the Sake of Jandhoobi (Rah.)

Once Hazrath Shazuli Imam (Razi…) surrounded by all his followers entered the town called Al – Hisa, suddenly without any pre information. There lived a Sheikh Abu Yusuf Al Jandhoobi (Rah…). Hearing the visit of Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…). Sheikh Abu Yousuf sacrificed a sheep out of 10 which he was having for his livelihood. He made breads and other confectionaries with meat and arranged for a grand banquet for Imam Shazuli (Razi…) and all his followers.

But Shazuliyya Imam (Razi…) asked why he has cut a sheep which he was having for his livelihood. But Jandhoobi (Rah…) said “Oh my Sheikh! The day you visited our town, This day I consider as a real Lailath Al Qadr. If you would have come earlier I would have arranged better than this. What I have did now is nothing” said with enthusiasm. Hazrath Shazuli Imam (Razi…) ate that delicious food with all his followers in that Banquet. That morning after completing his subuh Hazrath Shazuli Imam (Razi…) called upon Jandhoobi (Rah…) and ordered him to bring the rest 9 sheep’s which Jandhoobi did.

Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) keeping his Holy hands upon the heads and backs of those sheep’s and prayed “Oh my God! Oh the Creator and care taker of this Universe! Oh my God with Purity! Oh my helper of the needful! Multiply & produce this sheep’s into thousands and make its growth fast!”

Also Sheikh told to Jandhoobi “shortly you’ll find my dhu’aa being answered”.

Within a very short period those 9 sheep’s multiplied into very large numbers and the family of Jandhoobi (Rah…) were benefited from that through selling & stocking for centuries together.