Discovery of Coffee

Introducing coffee to the world

During his earlier period Imam Shazuli (Razi…) had firm meditation at the Saffron hill. 40 days he was fasting and 40 nights he spent on prayers. Floral leaves and salt was the only food both for Sahar & Iftar. Some times Imam felt very tiresome and he was thinking about how to overcome this? At that time Allah (Jal…) through some birds, showed coffee to Imam.

Those tiny birds wandering at the day time were praying and begging god at the night. But they were brisk anytime. Making note of this Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was very much surprised. At the while he saw those birds sitting at a tree and taking some seeds. After eating that those birds were refreshed. Suddenly Imam collected those seeds and put it to the water and drank. What a surprise! All this exhaustness flied off and Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was fully brisk and refreshed.

Historians write that was the first invention of coffee till today what we are using, and so the pride of introducing coffee a good refresher goes to Imam Shazuli (Razi…).