Demisal (Wafaat) of Imam shadhili (Rali)

After Giving his last advice and exhibitng His everlasting (Karamat) wonder, Sheikh Shazuli Imam was deeply involved in zikr, Istighfar and reciting salawats. Shazuli Imam had never committed a sin in his lifetime. Continuing his efforts in reciting all the above Qutbul Akbar, Ghousul Ashar, Sheikh of all Sheikhs, Qutb of all Qutbs, Ghouse of all Ghouses, Imam of all Waliyullahs, a Descendant of Prophet Rasulullah (Sal…) through Imam Hasan (Rali…), The establisher of a Real Tariqa to Unite with Allah, the leader of all saaliheens, and a rejuvenator of Islam, Al Qutb Ar Rabbani, Val Ghouse Al Fardhani, Hazrat Seidhina Imam Noorudheen Abul Hasan Ali Ash Shadhili Raliyallahu tha’ala anhu…… left this world to Unite with Allah (Jal…) early morning at the time of “Sahar” on 12th night of the month of Shawwal in the year (1259 A.D.) 656 Hijri at Humaithara. Hazrath Imam Shadhili was 63 years of age at that time.

Followers of Imam Shadhili (Rali…) were found very much anxious and disturbed about Imam’s demisal. They were drowned in a irreparable loss which can never be compensated. All the other creations of Allah (Jal…) which were pursuing guidance from Imam shazuli (Rali…) were found lamenting, mourning the decease of Hadrath Shadhili Imam.

Sheikh Abul Abbas Al Mursi (Rali…) presided the funeral rituals and solemnized Janaza Prayers followed by burial. This happened after the Subh Prayers on the 12th night of Shawwal 656 Hijri (1259 A.D.) at Humaisara. It is located in desert called Eesaab, some 300 kms from cairo (Egypt) on the way to Makkah Al Mukarrama.

Ibn Saffak narrates in his book Durratul Asrar,
““Sheikh Mursi said: Imam’s wafat happened on 12th night of shawwal and we proceeded with funeral on 12th day at Humaisara. On the next day (ie.,) 13th shawwal we could see a beautiful building built around our Sheik’s qabr. Our Sheikh’s Geneology was written on that we were really surprised to see this But we could understand the pride and dignity Allah (Jal…) has offered to our Sheikh Hazrat Shadhili Imam (Rali…)”.

So, till the day of qiyama Sheikh’s followers (like us) will be pride of following such a precious Sheikh from our Prophet Rasulullah (Sal…)’s descendants.