Basic Principles in Shazuliya Tariqa

The following are the give Basic Principles of Shadhiliya Tariqa .

  1. In solitudity and in public, should always be afraid of Allah.
  2. Should follow Shariyah in speech and deed.
  3. In all stages such as prosperity and poverty, happiness and sorrow, good and bad, should not beg to the creations but to the creator.
  4. When God shows his mercy less or more should be Thankful to the commandings of God.
  5. Like joy and sorrow, fortune and misfortune anything may happen. But should believe that everything is from God.

The Principles of Shazuliyya Tariqa are very much easy to be followed by each and every Muslim. So majority of muslims in the universe follow Shazuliyya Tariqa.

A muslim who strictly follows the above principles after getting a vow (Baia’th) are considered to be Muridheen in Shazuliyya.