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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu…

Warm welcome to the site of Shadhiliya Tariqa maintained by Sheik Fassy Youth’s Association, Madurai, India.

Sufism is the way which flourished Islam after our prophet’s period and the period of sahabas and mujthahidins.

A man, who enters tasawwuf with the guidance from a true sheikh, will surely be victorious in both of his lives.

Shadhiliya is the greatest of all Tariqas (orders) in the world and it was established by Sheikh Abul Hasan Ali ash shadhili (Rali…)

A number of great scholars who followed Sheikh Shadhili imam generated various branches of Shadhiliya.

Sheikh Muhammad Ajwaad Al Fassy (Rali…) is the greatest disciple of Imam Shadhili (Rali…). He is a great Sufi, who established Tariqa Fassiyathush shadhiliya.

You can surf various areas of our site to know about the glory of our sheikhs, their karamats, Zikr Jahri, Hizbs, Daily wirdhs and Regular Aamals taught in our Sufi order Fassiyathush Shadhiliya.

Sheikhuna, Wa Murshidhina ,Wa Murabbina, Wa Haadina, Wa Ustadhina, Qutbur Rabbani, Haikulus Samadani, Qutbul Ujud Hazrat Muhammad Ajwad Al Fassy (Rali…) taught about this Sufi Order ( Tariqa ) at Makkah al Mukarrama to Khalifa Abubakar Miskeen Sahib (Rah…) a great scholar from KayalPattinam, South India during the latter’s visit to Hajj as pilgrim. Also the great Sufi Saint Sheikh Ajwad Al Fassy (Rali…) ordered Miskeen Sahib (Rah…) to teach about this Tariqa to descendant of Hazrat Prophet (Sal…), Hazrat Meer Ahmad Ibrahim (Rah…) living in Madurai, South India.

After a perfect analysis Hazrat Meer Ahmed Ibrahim (Rah…) who was chief Kazi to the Govt. at that time, accepted this Tariqa, became it’s Khalifatul Khulafa and started flourishing it in various parts of TamilNadu, Kerala and in Sri Lanka along with his brother Hazrat Meer Amjad Ibrahim (Rah…) and Qutbuz Zaman Al Aarifu billah Syed Abdus Salam Ibrahim Saalim Hazrat (Rah…).

We, Most of the members of this Sheikh Fassy Youth’s Association are the descendants of those Sheikhs, familiarly known as Madurai Hazrats

After the period of those Waliyullahs, Moulana Moulavi. Syed Mahmud Ibrahim (well known as CONTRACTOR HAZRAT) the third son of Hazrat Meer Ahmed Ibrahim (Rah…) took charge as khalifa and worked hard to spread this Tariqa and his brother Moulana Moulavi Syed Abdul Qadir Ibrahim (second son) took charge as the Govt. kazi of Madurai city.

His successor as khalifa was Moulana Moulavi Al Waliul Kaamil Syed Muhammad Hazrat (Rah…) (Maternal Grand son of Hazrat Meer Amjad Ibrahim Rah…) who wide spread this Tariqa (Sufi Order) Fassiyathush shadhiliya.

Moulana Moulavi Syed Amjad Ahmed Ibrahim who was the (son of Moulana Moulavi Syed Abdul Qadir Ibrahim) took charge as the first Govt. Kazi of Madurai city in Independent India after his father.

Then came the period (1954-1975) of Moulana Moulavi Syed Abdus Salaam Ibrahim (Saahib Hazrat) (son in law of Moulana Moulavi Syed Abdul Qadir Ibrahim) who spent his entire life as he was holding both KAZAWATH & KHILAAFATH. He was the most respected man as a Khalifa of this Tariqa Fassiyathush Shadhiliya and Govt. Kazi of Madurai city.

His successor as both Khalifa of this Tariqa and Govt. Kazi of Madurai is Moulana Moulavi. Syed Khaja Mueenudeen (son of Moulana Moulavi Syed Abdus Salaam Ibrahim Saahib Hazrat) and as Khalifa is Moulana Moulavi. Syed Abdus Salam Ibrahim (alias) Afsar Husain (son in Law of Moulana Moulavi Syed Abdus Salaam Ibrahim Saahib Hazrat) who both are working together a lot in various parts of TamilNadu as the Khalifas of this Tariqa now till today.

Apart from the above, Right from the period of MADURAI HAZRATS till today there are a number of well known scholars, muttaqis and others whose names are not mentioned here, strived a lot for the well being of this Tariqa (Order) Fassiyathush Shadhiliya in South TamilNadu.

As every one know, there are 117 countries around the world were followers of Shadhiliya Sufi Order are found.

But most of our brothers in Shadhiliya Tariqa (Iqwan) felt bad about not owning a site for a globally followed Sufi order Shadhiliya, in this era where the world has turned into a global village.

Our vision to own, run and maintain this site is:

First and foremost is

To cater to the spiritual needs of Muslims who are following Shadhiliya Tariqa (Sufi Order) and in particular Fassiyathush Shadhiliya Tariqa.

To provide them with Wirds, other Aamals, Hizbs, inshaads and moulidhs.

To help other muslims to enroll themselves in Tariqa Shadhiliya with a valid Bai’at (Vow) from at present Khalifas appointed by the descendants of Sheikh Fassy (Rali..).

To flourish this Tariqa still more and more to every nook and corner of the world.

Last but not least,

To have contact and to communicate with all followers of Tariqa Shadhiliya across the globe.

Let Allah (Jal…) shower his mercy upon us and HIS Prophet Hazrat Rasulullah (sal…)’s intercession (Shafa’at) be blessed on us on the Day of Judgment. (Qiyamah).