Fassiyathush Shazuliya Tariqa

Warm welcome to the site of Fassiyathush Shadhiliya tariqa (Thareeqush Shukr)!

The Arabic word “Islam” itself refers to peace, harmony and the Arabic word “Tariqa” means as “way or path or order “. One may wonder what to do with this path? It is the “way or path” to reach God, and hence the name tariqa.

Shadhiliya is one of the greatest Tariqa in this universe, founded by Imam Shadhili (Razi…), who originated from North East African country.Imam Shadhili (Razi…) was Sheikh of all Sheikhs, Quthub of all Quthubs and Ghouse of all Ghouses. No Waliyullah was given, and will be given till Quiyamah as Imam Shadhili (Razi…) was given a status and position by Allah (Jal…).

Being the 23rd hereditary Grand son of our beloved Prophet Hazrath Muhammadhur Rasoolullah (Sal…) Sheikh Shadhili was the first in this world to introduce ZIKR JAHRI. That is Meditating Allah (Jal…) louder so that to get control over all the five human sensations.

Shadhiliyya is the only Tariqa which is called as Thareeqush Shukr. Because unlike other tariqas which preaches to be isolated to wear torn and shabby dresses and to self-deny even (Halal) permitted things, Shadhiliyya preaches to enjoy all (Halal) permitted matters in the world and thank Allah (Jal…) always who provided every thing, and Hence the name THAREEQUSH SHUKR.

The Tribute of spreading this Tariqa world wide through His (Karaamath – E – Jahri) Exhibited wonders goes to Sheikh Muhammadh Ajwadh Al Fassy (Razi…) who was the 21st Khaleefa of our Sheikh. During his tenure as Khaleefa tariqa with Zikr Jahri, Inshaadh, Auraadh and Hizb was spreaded all over the world.

Today there are 117 countries around the globe where the Aa’maals of Shadhiliyya tariqa are being performed. People from all over the world, because of the mixture of their regional languages, pronounce and spell Shazuli(ya) as, Shadhili(ya), Shazili(ya), Shadhuli(ya), Chadhuli(ya), Chadili(ya), Chadhili(ya), Chazuli(ya), chazli(ya) etc., Though it is spelled with various pronunciations and spellings all refers only to this tariqa “Shadhili(ya)”.

Tunisia, Morocco, Oman, Syria, Iraq, India, Srilanka, Pakistan, Egypt, Mauritius, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Palestine, Malaysia and U.S.A., are some of the most important countries were tariqa is in full fledge till today.

In this site we have provided the Life Histories and Incidents of our Sheikh Hazrath Imam Shadhili (Razi…) and Hazrath Fassy (Razi…). An Audio, some picture galleries of some Holy Shrines have also been added for visitors to visualize and enjoy.

Hizbs: Which are considered as Heart beat of our tariqa has been uploaded in a direct pdf format so that visitors may download those Hizbs without any hindrance (Even font downloading not necessary).